Timeboxing Code Execution In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel demonstrates several ways to create an abstraction for timeboxed code execution in ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Links For You

Hello friends.

From: Raymond Camden

Using Per-Application Mappings To Alias Files In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel demonstrates that per-application mappings in ColdFusion can map directly to files, not just directories....

From: Ben Nadel

Consuming Large Configuration Files Inside A ColdFusion Component

Ben Nadel looks at how to consume large external configuration files inside a ColdFusion component....

From: Ben Nadel

Working Code Podcast - Episode 161: Goals For 2024

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about their goals for 2024. And, invite you to submit suggestions on how the show can be improved....

From: Ben Nadel

Lessons Learned From Sending 7 Million Emails In 5 Days Using ColdFusion

Ben Nadel shares everything he learned after sending 7 million emails over 5 days using ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Using Cloudflare Turnstile reCAPTCHA-Alternative In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel looks at using Cloudflare Turnstile in ColdFusion as a CAPTCHA alternative....

From: Ben Nadel

Using AI and PDF Services to Automate Document Summaries

I first discovered Diffbot way back in 2021 when I built a demo of their APIs for the Adobe Developer blog ("Natural Language Processing, Adobe PDF Extract, and Deep PDF Intelligence").

From: Raymond Camden

Follow-Up On Error Handling During Async Iteration In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel continues to explore error handling during async iteration in ColdFusion. It seems that Adobe ColdFusion 2023 and Lucee CFML 6 have different behaviors....

From: Ben Nadel

Proof Of Concept: CFHttp With A Retry Policy In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel explores the notion of a Retry Policy for CFHttp requests in ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Considering The Ergonomics Of Tags And Objects In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel considers the ergonomics of Tag and Object APIs in ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Function Calling and GenAI

I love when I work on one demo, hit an issue, discover something else and get joyfully distracted into learning something completely different.

From: Raymond Camden

Working Code Podcast - Episode 160: Design Systems And Coding Philosophy

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about design systems, programming philosophy, and the notion of an Overview Effect in the history of computing....

From: Ben Nadel

The Return of the Comment(s)

In the twenty plus years this blog has been around, I've had various different comment systems.

From: Raymond Camden

Happy New Year 2024

In this article I will take a look at some goals and things I want to focus on in the new year.

From: Dan Vega

My 2023

Happy New Year (well almost) my fabulous readers.

From: Raymond Camden

2023 Year in Review

In this article I take a look back at 2023 and share some of the highlights from the year.

From: Dan Vega

Working Code Podcast - Episode 159: No Effort December Returns

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about random topics in another installment of No Effort December. Happy new year!...

From: Ben Nadel

Long-Term Funding, Update #6

In my previous Long-Term Funding update I said I would review and update of the "cookbooks" section and make another pass of "TBD" items in the "language" section.

From: Sean Corfield: An Architect's View

A Christmas Post: Beer and Bounties

Christmas came early this year in Potrero Hill and it was sad news for craft beer drinkers.

From: Hoya Haxa - A Security Research Blog