Looking at the JavaScript Promise Collection Methods

Let me begin by saying that "Promise Collection Methods" is not something I've seen mentioned elsewhere, but is my own way of referring to the various methods of the Promise API that work with multiple promises.

From: Raymond Camden

Links For You

Happy Super Bowl Day for those who celebrate, oh wait, sorry, I mean "The Big Game".

From: Raymond Camden

Using the Bluesky API

Social media has always been.

From: Raymond Camden

Working Code Podcast - Episode 165: Agile Methodology With Brian Sadler

Ben Nadel and the crew talk to Brian Sadler about Agile Methodology and how to apply agile best practices at work....

From: Ben Nadel

<Code><Br> - First Episode

Just a quick note to share that today I did my first episode of the &lt;Code&gt;&lt;Br&gt; show. I had a great audience with some great questions and comments. My next show will be in two weeks and I hope to see you there!

From: Raymond Camden

Using Generative AI as Your Content Assistant

Last week I had the honor of presenting one at TheJam.

From: Raymond Camden

MVC With and Without a Framework

So you've looked at CF Components, and kind of understand the basics of how they work.

From: South of Shasta: Software Development, Web Design, Training

Conditionally Updating Columns When Using ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE In MySQL

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to conditionally update a column inside an INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause in MySQL....

From: Ben Nadel

My Books are Updated for Angular 17

Angular 17 is out; and the Learn With Series is updated.

From: Jeffry Houser's Blog

Comparing Binary Values In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel looks at two different ways to compare binary values (ie, byte arrays) in ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Working Code Podcast - Episode 164: Potluck

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about a variety of topics including a mini retrospective, solo programming, and the current browser landscape....

From: Ben Nadel

DNS over HTTPS is not what I thought

A few months ago I was on a mission to remove some of the old broken links on my blog.

From: Pete Freitag's Homepage

Delighted to be speaking at Into the Box 2024, coming to DC in May

I'm delighted to announce that I've been selected to speak at Into the Box 2024, in DC, coming up in May. This will be my 5th time presenting at this wonderful event, going back to my first time in 2017. My talk will be... [More]

From: Charlie Arehart - Server Troubleshooting

Performance Of Struct vs. Ordered Struct In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel explores the performance characteristics of structs vs. ordered structs in ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Links For You

Good morning, friends.

From: Raymond Camden

Powering Email Unsubscribe Links Using Signed URLs In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to use HMAC signatures to power Unsubscribe links in ColdFusion. These links allows users to manage subscription settings without having to login....

From: Ben Nadel

Using Generative AI to Improve Image Filenames

Last night I had an interesting thought.

From: Raymond Camden