Beyond the Basics of Using AWS S3 in CFML: Use Lifecycle Rules to Automatically Delete Files After a Period of Time

In the last post in this series, we looked at Lifecycle Rules in S3, how they worked, and how you can use them to save money by automatically moving less-frequently used files to different (and cheaper) storage classes.

From: Brian Klaas

Beyond the Basics of Using AWS S3 in CFML: Use Lifecycle Rules to Move Files Into Different Storage Classes

In my last post in this series, we looked at using different storage classes in S3 via CFML to save money on long-term storage costs.

From: Brian Klaas

Yes We are Looking!

CFWT is growing again.

From: ColdFusion Muse

We Have Replaced Everything

With the state of the world right now I don't feel motivated to post about technology today. So instead some observations of the world.

From: Steve Neiland: Blog of a Web Developer

You don't need to make everything an object

Creating objects in ColdFusion has a performance impact that you need to consider when working with large datasets

From: Steve Neiland: Blog of a Web Developer

GitKraken hook fails with error NPX does not exist in path

Using a node version manager can cause gitkraken pre-commit hooks to fail with an error that npx or npm does not exist in the path.

From: Steve Neiland: Blog of a Web Developer

Testing SQL with transactions

Have you ever accidentally deleted the entire contents of a table and had to go spend an afternoon restoring everything from backups? Transactions are here to help you test your sql without all that pain.

From: Steve Neiland: Blog of a Web Developer

AWS Console Change Password Screen Should Display Policy

This error when trying to change your AWS console password, 'Either user is not authorized to perform iam:ChangePassword or entered password does not comply with account password policy set by administrator' is a result of poor UX design.

From: Steve Neiland: Blog of a Web Developer

How to configure your default cfengine on commandbox

Thanks to Brad Wood for refreshing my brain about how to configure the default cfengine on commandbox.

From: Steve Neiland: Blog of a Web Developer

Add comma's to number in javascript

This is a utility function I've had around for formatting numbers into comma separated strings

From: Steve Neiland: Blog of a Web Developer

Back to Space

There’s one man’s ventures that I like to follow: Elon Musk A citzen of South Africa, Canada and the US, he leads up SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and OpenAI. He worked his way from Zip2, which ended up in the hands of PayPal. A would love to own the Tesla Model S, […]

From: Chris Tierney

Job Posting: Looking for CF Administration and server specialist

Hey folks, we continue to grow and expand here at CFWT.

From: ColdFusion Muse

Seeking ColdFusion Systems Administrator

— This position has been filled.

From: Chris Tierney

CFCamp Notes: Lucee 5 and 6

Gert and Micha kicked off day 1 of CFCamp with several demos of new things planned for Lucee. We saw code, we heard plans. There were demos, there were jokes, and there was lots of entertainment watching people try to use a German keyboard. :)

From: South of Shasta: Software Development, Web Design, Training

Who's had more vulns, take 3: Java, ColdFusion, ROR, .NET

There's a fair amount of disingenuity, or perhaps just willful ignorance to the statistics here and I talk to a lot of people who are astonished that CFML is still in use due to the alleged massive numbers of vulnerabilities.

From: Coders Revolution

Windows 10 RDP Freezing

While connected to remote Windows machines via RDP in Windows 10, the connection freezes after x amount of minutes.

From: Chris Tierney

Looking for a ColdFusion plus ReactJS Unicorn - Horn Optional

We provide W2 employment with benefits for remote workers (i.

From: ColdFusion Muse

Speaking at CFCamp 2019, for the 10th talk/7th year!

Following on my recent announcement about speaking at CF Summit 2019, I am delighted to announce also that I've been selected to speak at CFCamp 2019, in Munich this October.

From: Charlie Arehart - Server Troubleshooting

How Amazon Uses Explosive-Resistant Devices To Transfer Data To AWS

When CF Webtools needs to migrate a large amount of data from on-premise to the cloud, we order one of these devices to do the job. What I didn’t know is they’re rated to be dropped out of an airplane and take on near-by explosions!

From: Chris Tierney

A Quick Example Of Functional Programming (FP) In CFML

I wasadding a feature to CommandBox CLIthis week when I typed up some code that iterated over the keys in a struct, filtering out the ones it needed and then performed an action on the matching ones.

From: Coders Revolution