Accessing Stimulus Controllers From A Given DOM Element In Hotwire

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to access a Stimulus controller from a given DOM element in Hotwire....

From: Ben Nadel

Need Help with ColdFusion?

As folks know, I love it when yall send me questions via email.

From: Raymond Camden

Building Resilient Feature Flags That "Fail Open" In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to code resilient feature flag logic so that features can "fail open" at the end of development in ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Using the Cookie Store API

Today while browsing a list of web APIs over at MDN, I ran across one that surprised me - the Cookie Store API.

From: Raymond Camden

Associating Submit Buttons With Any Form Using Button Attributes In Native HTML

Ben Nadel demonstrates that any button can submit any form, regardless of where it is on the page, by using the form attribute....

From: Ben Nadel

Working Code Podcast - Episode 122: Coding Hot Takes

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about using 1Password Secretes Automation, building sites in React JSX, and missing IE11 guard rails....

From: Ben Nadel

Spring into the Future: Embracing Virtual Threads with Java's Project Loom

Welcome back, friends! Today, we're diving into Project Loom and specifically virtual threads. We'll be covering what they are, why you should care as a Spring developer, and even provide a demo on using virtual threads in a Spring application. Let’s begin!

From: Dan Vega

Copying AWS EC2 Tags to EBS Using PowerShell

These days when creating an EC2 instance in the AWS console UI, by default, the tags are duplicated across Elastic Block Service (EBS) and Elastic Network Interface (ENI) attached resources being created.

From: Chris Tierney

Using Speech Synthesis and Recognition with Alpine.js

Recently, I worked on two interesting (imho!) articles for our blog at work on integrating web APIs with the Adobe PDF Embed API.

From: Raymond Camden

Listen For Stimulus Custom Events Outside Of Hotwire

Ben Nadel demonstrates that custom Stimulus events are "native" events; and, can be listened to outside of the Hotwire application....

From: Ben Nadel

Using navigator.sendBeacon() To Publish Analytics Back To ColdFusion

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to use the navigator.sendBeacon() method to publish analytics data efficiently and predictably back to the ColdFusion server....

From: Ben Nadel

Links For You

Today's Links For You is a special one, not just because it's my birthday, but.

From: Raymond Camden

Using Public Class Fields To Bind Event Handlers In JavaScript

Ben Nadel demonstrates that Fat-Arrow functions can be used to define Class methods in JavaScript (by specifying them as public class properties)....

From: Ben Nadel

Using A Transient CSS Stylesheet To Remove Scrolling On Body While Modal Is Open

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to temporarily disable scrolling on the body by injecting and then removing a transient CSS stylesheet....

From: Ben Nadel

ColdFusion Summit East 2023 Recap

The 2023 CF Summit East Conference wrapped up yesterday — it was a fun, albeit short, trip. I’m already on a flight back hope; sadly no time for tourist things on this trip (tho my sushi dinner with Minh Vo yesterday was fantastic so I’ll take that as a win).

From: South of Shasta: Software Development, Web Design, Training

Poor Man’s Storage Data Wipe On Windows 10/11

The usual person in the tech industry will inevitably have a storage medium you “must” secure before letting it out of your possession.

From: Chris Tierney

Be Aware of Mura CMS Security Issues

Mura CMS was a popular open-source content management system (CMS) written in ColdFusion.

From: Chris Tierney

Working with CloudCannon and Eleventy - My Experience

I've been working with the Jamstack (in its various iterations and names) for many years now.

From: Raymond Camden