Henry II on Vacation - Why Teams Matter

There are thousands of applications built by one brilliant programmer.

From: ColdFusion Muse

Better CFML Code with CI

I gave a presentation for the Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week Conference today titled: Better CFML Code with CI. You can find the slides for my talk here, and the video here. Here is a link to the code samples.

From: Pete Freitag's Homepage

Wiki.js Active Directory Authentication Configuration

I have recently taken the opportunity to explore Wiki.

From: Chris Tierney

Part-time CFML developer wanted

South of Shasta is looking for a part-time mid to senior level developer that can assist with some projects for our clients over the next few months, possibly longer. Requirements are like so:

From: South of Shasta: Software Development, Web Design, Training

GraphQL Spring Boot - Up and Running with Spring for GraphQL

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to get up and running with Spring for GraphQL.

From: Dan Vega

Spring Data JPA Pagination

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to work with pagination in Spring Data JPA.

From: Dan Vega

Spring Boot @Value Annotation

A brief introduction to the @Value annotation in Spring Boot.

From: Dan Vega

React + Typescript - have skills will pay ;)

We are currently looking for someone with great react skills and good to great typescript skills.

From: ColdFusion Muse

Everything You Wanted to Know About Custom Tags But Were Afraid To Ask

CFML Custom Tags have been in the language for decades, and can be a great building block for many facets of application development.

From: South of Shasta: Software Development, Web Design, Training

Preventing Windows Ubuntu Dual Boot Superblock Corruption

Whenever I switch to ubuntu from windows on my dual boot system I get an error that the superblock is corrupt and I cannot load ubuntu until I fix the corruption using the command line. The issue appears to be windows messing from the ext4 partition.

From: Steve Neiland: Blog of a Web Developer

Not Your Dad's ColdFusion Shop Anymore

If you have been in the CF world for more than a minute you have heard of CF Webtools (CFWT).

From: ColdFusion Muse

Using Hazelcast With CFML

Recently I’ve been experimenting with Hazelcast, trying to wrap my head around various uses cases and how I might take advantage of the technology in some of our projects.

From: South of Shasta: Software Development, Web Design, Training

Upgrading PostgreSQL on Docker Compose

I took the dive into Docker Containers on Linux.

From: Chris Tierney

Why Do Some CFML Jobs Require Degrees?

Earlier today in the ColdFusion Programmers forum on Facebook somebody asked (I’m paraphrasing a little) why do some ColdFusion jobs require a Computer Science degree when they don’t teach CFML in college? I have 2 answers...

From: South of Shasta: Software Development, Web Design, Training

Reactionary ColdFusion Programmers Needed

If you know who we are then you know we try to be all things CF to all people.

From: ColdFusion Muse

Im Joining VMware

I'm so excited to announce that I am joining VMware as a Spring Developer Advocate!

From: Dan Vega

ColdFusion Summit 2021 Recap

Last month was the ColdFusion Summit 2021 Conference. Like many events lately this one was virtual (as opposed to the usual meetup in Vegas) but I'd say this was still worth attending for anyone near the CFML space.

From: South of Shasta: Software Development, Web Design, Training

Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year! I want to take a few minutes and reflect on the year that was 2021 and look ahead to 2022.

From: Dan Vega

Resources from Scalable, Responsive Apps and Services with Queues and Pub/Sub Mechanisms

In spite of the pandemic, the Adobe ColdFusion team held not one but two virtual conferences this calendar year about all things ColdFusion.

From: Brian Klaas

deps.edn and monorepos VIII (Polylith)

This is part of an ongoing series of blog posts about our ever-evolving use of the Clojure CLI, deps.edn, and Polylith, with our monorepo at World Singles Networks.

From: Sean Corfield: An Architect's View

14" MacBook Pro M1 Max Review for developers and content creators

I have been using the new MacBook Pro for about a week and wanted to give you my initial thoughts from a developer & content creator perspective.

From: Dan Vega

The new clojure-doc web site

Back when I was working on the clojure.

From: Sean Corfield: An Architect's View

Social Media

I've been on both Twitter and Facebook for a very long time and it definitely has had its ups and downs.

From: Sean Corfield: An Architect's View