Building a Mastodon Bot with Cloudflare Workers

I can't go a day (or two) without building a bot of some sort, and last week was no exception.

From: Raymond Camden

Error "Type" Isn't Always A String In Adobe ColdFusion

Ben Nadel demonstrates that the error "type" in Adobe ColdFusion isn't always a String....

From: Ben Nadel

Connecting Cloudflare Workers with Service Bindings

I'll warn you ahead of time and say this post isn't too much more than what you can find in the documentation, but I wanted to see it work for myself so I had to setup a test locally.

From: Raymond Camden

Sanity Check: Using Overflow Scrolling On CSS Flexbox Panels

Ben Nadel demonstrates that CSS Flexbox panels with overflow:auto work exactly as he hoped they would work....

From: Ben Nadel

Adding Form Fields Character Counters With Alpine.js

Nearly three years ago I shared a Vue.

From: Raymond Camden

Working Code Podcast - Episode 139: New Tables vs New Columns

Ben Nadel and the crew talk database schema design; and how many, smaller tables might be beneficial when compared to fewer, wider tables....

From: Ben Nadel

JavaScript Syntax Sugar for Shorter Stuff

Please forgive the somewhat alliterative title of this post.

From: Raymond Camden

Adding Caching to a Cloudflare Worker

Last week I blogged about my first experience building a Cloudflare Worker serverless function.

From: Raymond Camden

I Know What You Did Last Summer (With Glitch and Cloudflare)

Every now and then I get a dumb little idea, and too often, I turn those dumb ideas into little web toys.

From: Raymond Camden

Learn about the Photoshop API Next Week

Next week, Tuesday August 8 at 11AM CST, I'll be giving a free, online presentation at CFE.

From: Raymond Camden

My ColdFusion "Controller" Layer Is Just A Bunch Of Switch Statements And CFIncludes

Ben Nadel demonstrates how he can create a robust and resilient routing / controller layer using nested CFSwitch and CFInclude tags in ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Working Code Podcast - Episode 138: Ben Goes Streaking!

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about tracking activity streak data in Dig Deep Fitness; and, how to deal with an individual user's timezone....

From: Ben Nadel

Styling Ionic Components in Angular with CSS Parts

I've been playing around with Ionic and Angular, and thought I'd share some experiences I had while trying to apply custom styles to Ionic Components. This video experiments with using CSS Parts to apply custom styles:

From: Jeffry Houser's Blog

Building a Basic (Pirate) API Wrapper with Cloudflare Workers

I've been playing with Cloudflare Workers the past few weeks, and while I've had a few technical issues here and there, I've been really impressed with the developer experience overall and just how powerful the platform is.

From: Raymond Camden

Layla Porter On Modular Monolith Boundaries

Ben Nadel learns from Layla Porter that his assumptions about a "modular monolith" were completely wrong. Dangerously wrong....

From: Ben Nadel

Update for My Subscribers

Hey folks, forgive the quick note.

From: Raymond Camden

Auto-Saving Form Data In The Background Using The fetch() API

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to auto-save form data in the background using the fetch() API with the FormData() object....

From: Ben Nadel

My meta resource page about updating CF, the Java underlying it, the wsconfig, and more

With all the recent updates to CF (and the ongoing need to keep up and related things up-to-date), I wanted to share some news: I've long had on my site a meta resource page regarding keeping ColdFusion updated, where I offered both links and tips related to updating CF as well as the JVM underlying...

From: Charlie Arehart - Server Troubleshooting