Working Code Podcast - Episode 151: Async Human Solutions

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about the chaos that is life; and, how real world problems are sometimes best mitigated with human solutions, not technical one....

From: Ben Nadel

Building a Generic RSS Parser Service with Cloudflare Workers

About once every three months I'll write a quick JavaScript demo and attempt to fetch someone's RSS feed.

From: Raymond Camden

Long-Term Funding, Update #5

In my previous Long-Term Funding update I said I would review/overhaul the "ecosystem" and "tutorials" sections (once I'd finished the "language" section).

From: Sean Corfield: An Architect's View

Working Code Podcast - Episode 150: What's On Your Workbench

Ben Nadel and the crew talk what they've got going on in their work....

From: Ben Nadel

Using Cloudflare's AI Workers to Add Translations to PDFs

Late last month, Cloudflare announced new AI features in their (already quite stellar)Workers platform.

From: Raymond Camden

Enforcing The HTTP Request Method In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel looks at validating the incoming HTTP request method in ColdFusion in order to prevent malicious GET requests....

From: Ben Nadel

Links For You

Hello friends and welcome to another post of links I hope you find interesting.

From: Raymond Camden

New Blog Domain -

I recently moved my blog over to a custom domain -- https://www.

From: Hoya Haxa - A Security Research Blog

ColdFusion, Connectors, and CFAdmin Security (for more than just ColdFusion 2023 Update 5 and ColdFusion 2021 Update 11)

IntroductionThis post is about ColdFusion 2023 Update 5 and ColdFusion 2021 Update 11, but it's also about more than just those versions.

From: Hoya Haxa - A Security Research Blog

How do I Clone Objects in JavaScript?

I just discovered the structuredClone() method.

From: Jeffry Houser's Blog

Using Google PaLM to Gather Sentiment Analysis on a Forum

I've really been enjoying working with Google's PaLM 2 AI API and this week I used it to build a pretty interesting demo I think.

From: Raymond Camden

jSoup Error: Index Out Of Bounds For Length

Ben Nadel reproduces an error in jSoup and ColdFusion; and demonstrates how to get around it by using the .remove() method....

From: Ben Nadel

Texting Email Summaries using Google PaLM AI and Twilio

Yesterday I shared my initial impressions of working with Google's PaLM 2 AI API.

From: Raymond Camden

A Look at Google's PaLM API

Like, I assume, every single developer on the planet, I've been somewhat innudated with GenAI over the past year or so.

From: Raymond Camden

Solving failure in applying latest CF updates, or avoiding that failure

If you try to apply ColdFusion updates (including the latest released Oct 6) via the CF admin or command line and find that the update fails, the problem may be due to the JVM you're using (within CF or at the command line). There's a simple solution, which I discuss in this post. [More]

From: Charlie Arehart - Server Troubleshooting

Automating Mastodon Postings with ColdFusion

I've had a lot of fun building Mastodon bots (see my list of super-important business critical bots as an example), typically using the Pipedream platform, and more recently, Cloudflare Workers.

From: Raymond Camden

Working Code Podcast - Episode 147: Potluck

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about a variety of topics: Transactive Memory Systems theory, starting new things, ticketing systems, and becoming a force multiplier....

From: Ben Nadel

Understanding The TrimWhitespace() Function In Lucee CFML

Ben Nadel looks at the trimWhitespace() function in Lucee CFML; and, tries to distill the behavior down into a set of whitespace rules....

From: Ben Nadel

Generating A Table Of Contents Using jSoup And ColdFusion

Ben Nadel uses jSoup and ColdFusion to generate a table of contents from a flat HTML file....

From: Ben Nadel