Working Code Podcast - Episode 178: Upgrading From Node 0.10

Ben Nadel and the crew talk about a variety of topics include bulk data exports, ADAH, voice AI, and code rot....

From: Ben Nadel

Creating In-Memory SQLite Databases Using JDBC In Lucee CFML

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to use in-memory SQLite databases using JDBC connection strings in Lucee CFML....

From: Ben Nadel

Creating On-The-Fly Datasource Connections In Lucee CFML

Ben Nadel demonstrates that the CFQuery tag can create on-the-fly datasources in Lucee CFML....

From: Ben Nadel

Experimenting With SQLite JDBC Connections In Lucee CFML

Ben Nadel dynamically creates and consumes SQLite databases in a Lucee CFML application....

From: Ben Nadel

Using Multiple Common Table Expressions In One SQL Query In MySQL

Ben Nadel demonstrates how to use multiple common table expressions (CTE) in a single query in MySQL....

From: Ben Nadel

CSS Open Props Exploration

Ben Nadel uses the CSS Open Props project to create a sticker design playground using Alpine.js....

From: Ben Nadel

Working Code Podcast - Episode 177: Infinite Invisibility Timeout

Ben Nadel and the crew talk HSL heatmaps, Algolia search indexing, fighting against the Entity Framework, and AI-powered voice calls....

From: Ben Nadel

Where Does Serialization / Deserialization Belong In A Database Access Workflow?

Ben Nadel considers where data serialization and deserialization should take place in a ColdFusion request. And, how this has changed over the evolution of the CFML language....

From: Ben Nadel - What I'd do differently

I write a large number of articles which I never end up publishing for various reasons.

From: Michael Walter Van Der Velden

Super Useful NPM Module - Open

Forgive the samewhat lame title, and this will be a quick little post, but I've recently been using such an incredibly helpful npm module I wanted to share it with others.

From: Raymond Camden

Left and Right Accept Negative Counts

8 ) { //strip https:// website = right(website, len(website)-8); } As long as you are doing that kind of check, you should not have any issue with unexpected change of behavior due to this change.

From: Pete Freitag's Homepage

Why I Avoid DEFAULT Column Values In My SQL Database

Ben Nadel explains why he avoids using DEFAULT column values (as much as possible) in his SQL database table schemas....

From: Ben Nadel

Bug I've reported: CF Admin update page mistakenly lists current version in "Available Versions"

If you use the CF Admin to perform CF updates (vs updating via the command line), has it ever confused or annoyed you that the CF admin update page lists the currently installed version as the first value in "available versions"? That's illogical and confusing.

From: Charlie Arehart - Server Troubleshooting

CFHttp Error: Column Names Must Be Valid Variable Names In ColdFusion

Ben Nadel described the cause of the CFHttp error message: Column names must be valid variable names in ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Working Code Podcast - Episode 176: Mocking In Public

Ben Nadel and the crew talk credit card stuffing attacks, mocking modules in Node.js, and the joy of ColdFusion....

From: Ben Nadel

Building a Chat Integration with Google Gemini

It's been on my queue to investigate how to use Generative AI in a 'chat' interface versus "one prompt and answer" mode for some time and today I finally got a chance to check it out.

From: Raymond Camden

Using :where() To Reduce CSS Specificity Issues

Ben Nadel demonstrates that the :where() CSS function can help mitigate CSS specificity issues in a design system....

From: Ben Nadel

Links For You

Good afternoon, readers, I hope you are having as good a day as I am.

From: Raymond Camden

Inline Script Tag Execution In Hotwire Turbo And ColdFusion

Ben Nadel explores the execution of inline script tags in a Hotwire Turbo and ColdFusion application....

From: Ben Nadel

Adding turbo-cfml To My ColdFusion + Hotwire Demos Project

Ben Nadel adds a turbo-cfml demo to his ColdFusion + Hotwire demos project....

From: Ben Nadel